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I have eliminated limp wrist Just got in a new EDC X9. Had failure to feed in about 20% of the rounds right out of the box. WWB, S&B & Federal. Talked to Kent. Super professional, and sent a return label as soon as we got off the phone. Wilson had it back in a week. Took it out to the range and ftf with Speer.

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This is a new Wilson Combat EDC X9 in 9mm Luger designed by Bill Wilson and Wilson Combat engineers, and thoroughly tested by our team of designers, champion shooters and external industry experts, the EDC X9 offers discriminating shooters 1911 match-grade accuracy, superior ergonomics, and concealability with modern service pistol capacity and reliability. 2020-02-12 2020-01-16 The Wilson Combat EDC X9 is a high-capacity, 1911-style handgun with advanced custom features you have come to expect from Wilson Combat. Built on Wilson Combat’s lightweight aluminum X-frame, the EDC X9 is not much bigger than a compact 1911, and its … GLAD TO SEE YOU HERE. SEE Combat Rounds Usa Magazine Edc Wilson 18 9mm X9 IN BEST PRICES NOW. Combat Rounds Usa Magazine Edc Wilson 18 9mm X9 BY Combat Rounds Usa Magazine Edc Wilson 18 9mm X9 in Articles Combat Rounds Usa Magazine Edc Wilson 18 9mm X9 On Sale . Thank you for posting to EDC. Please make a top level comment detailing each item in your post within one hour of submission. Failure to follow this rule will result in a temporary ban. A top level comment is one which is not a response to another user.

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2019-01-04 2017-08-04 Wilson EDC X9: 9/5/2020: Been in law enforcement for over 40 years. Have carried a 1911 since 1976, when I started my career. The EDC X9 seemed the perfect blend of old and new 1911 styling: no grip safety, ramped barrel, exterior extractor, and user changeable front sights. Wilson reports that the EDC X9 takes reliability to a new level with guns making it 1500 rounds between cleaning and lubrication as well as test guns enduring more than 10,000 rounds with only reasonable and expected wear.

Edc x9 failure to feed

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Edc x9 failure to feed

Wilson had it back in a week. Took it out to the range and ftf with Speer.

Edc x9 failure to feed

I have not  The Wilson Combat EDC X9 compact merges the EDC 9 1911 slide assembly with the EDC X9S. Early on it had an issue with nose up failure to feed. In 200 rounds between four magazines I had no failures using WWB and and the 47D Wilson Combat is the best and the first I will always reach for to feed ANY 15 round factory replacement magazine for the Wilson Combat EDC X9 9mm&nb (0) Wilson Combat 849 1911 9mm Luger 15 rd EDC X9 Steel Black Finis $ 42.00. with Fiber optic sights, rapid fire worked okay no fail to chamber or eject. *{box-sizing:border-box}.bzfy-feed h1,.bzfy-feed h2,.bzfy-feed h3 data-parsley-trigger-after-failure="change" +cS0OaRYXd1Z61tnM+pnYvJ9pkzUEINB3AvLezC+X9/0mjjv/E9m+/sw+ /edc+9b+/UyPT37phlJI0saSSPJ  Wilson EDC X9/X9L/X9S / Berettas. up with a set screw to add extra insurance that your mag will not to slide off the back off the extension.
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Edc x9 failure to feed

I had a problem with a couple of boxes of Blazer Brass 124gr FTE in my X-Tac Elite Carry Comp but I ran it through my EDC X9 without a hiccup. Try what apipeguy suggests. Failing that contact WC. They will make it right.

Mar 11, 2019 A failure to feed, where a bullet doesn't seat fully in the chamber, is a common type. What causes it to happen and what do you do about it?
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The EDC X9 sports a 15-round magazine | Photo by Author.