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Vagnarna används i bl a i läkemedelsindustrin, färgindustrin, olje- och gasindustrin. Legislation is one of those things that you know that every pump manager has to get to grips with sometime, but the sheer complexity makes many put it off for another day. To make things easier Mike Shearman, general manager, Sira's Safety Compliance business guides us through the main points of ATEX 100a Directive (94/9/EC). ATEX och produkter.

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The ATEX 100a Directive (94/9/EC) embodies the European requirements for equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres and became mandatory in July 2003. For some manufacturers and users of pumps this has meant a radical review of product certification procedures. Atex Isolator Switch These Atex Certified Isolator Switches are available in two versions: emergency or standard. Each version is available with normal current ratings of 20A, 32A, 40A, 63A, 80A, 100A, 125A and 160A. There are two ATEX directives: • 94/9/EC Covers the equipment requirements for all “EX”-areas. • 1999/92/EC Covers the safety and protection of workers in “EX” areas. The two directives are also known as ATEX 100a and ATEX 137 because they refer to earlier paragraphs (§100a and §137) developed by the EC. ATEX 100A DIRECTIVE PDF April 28, 2019 admin the application of Directive 94/9/EC and it is the relevant national approval of the new aligned ATEX Directive is expected in After 30 June, conformity to the ATEX directive is obligatory in order to.

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The ATEX Directive 94/9/EC sets out the Essential Safety Requirements for products and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and the respective conformity assessment procedures. The ATEX Directive 99/92/EC, on the other hand, defines minimum EC Declaration of Conformity Atex 100a BLAGDON PUMP LAMBERT ROAD, ARMSTRONG, WASHINGTON, TYNE & WEAR NE37 1QP ENGLAND. TEL. : (0191) 4177475 FAX. : (0191) 4175435 Web Site : E-Mail : BLAGDON PUMP A Unit of IDEX Corporation Manufactured by :- Pump Model Serial No. ATEX 100a = ATEX 95 = Product Directive 94/9/EC = 2014/34/EU. The ATEX 95 Product Directive covers all equipment that has its own potential source of ignition and can therefore cause a possible explosion.

Atex 100a

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Atex 100a

Lätt förvaringslåda av ABS-plast . Ex godkännande från Cat 3 Zon 2 ATEX 100a. Platsreservation med blindmoduler. Felsäkra digitala ingångsmoduler med säkerhetssignalbehandling i enlighet  Ex protection: EEx ia IIC T6 in compliance with ATEX 100a.

Atex 100a

to the guideline 94/9/EC ("ATEX 100a”). The add-on control contacts can under application of EN 60079-14 be used as a.
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Atex 100a

It defines ' equipment and protective systems designed for use in potentially explosive  New: ATEX 95 (Old: ATEX 100a). Minimum requirements for improving the health and safety protection of the worker at risk from explosive atmospheres. New. ATEX is one of the directives for the European Community (EC) that relates to potentially explosive environments. Equipment complying to the ATEX 100a  CLASSIFICATION OF HAZARDOUS PLACES ACCORDING TO ATEX 137, ANNEX I, 2.

and set out the minimum requirements.
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European Directive 1999/92/EC (ATEX 137) gov- ATEX-Konformität EU-Richtlinie 94/9/EG - ATEX 100a Mit der Umsetzung der EU-Richtlinie 94/9/EG, bekannt unter dem Titel ATEX 100a, werden die gesetzlichen Grundlagen des Explosionsschutzes verändert.